To the Fourth Annual Peninsula Rhythm & Blues Festival!

Friday and Saturday

August 27-28, 2021


 Peninsula R&B Festival Requirements.

There’s an old adage that says, “The Ten Commandments doesn’t say the Ten Requests”.
These are requirements that I have spoken with #### at the health department about. The reply was “You have a solid plan!” and I believe we do.  They said this is a comprehensive list of precautions. While there are no guarantees with this pandemic, we are doing the best job we can to provide a safe environment while giving people an opportunity to experience live music again. The requirements are: 1. Show vax card and picture ID or negative test taken within 72 hours. If you do not have either of these, you will not be admitted.  2. Temp check at the gate. 3. Masks, of course. Masks will be worn at all times except when eating or drinking or in your *pod. 4. Limit 275 people. I’m fairly sure there were more than that in 2019, but after measuring out the available space to keep people distanced, this is the number we came up with. 5. We will mark out “pods” that will accommodate 4 and 6 people each. They will be 6 feet apart. We will also have a sign in sheet with phone numbers in case we need contact tracing, and a "hold harmless" agreement that reads: ATTENTION
By entering, you agree to hold harmless, the Peninsula R&B Festival, it’s officers, volunteers, vendors, The Port of Peninsula, and Morehead Park from bodily or personal property damage, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO contracting Covid 19 while attending the festival or the campground. You further agree to wear a mask except when eating or drinking and maintain 6 foot distancing. You also agree that you are entering AT YOUR OWN RISK of contracting Covid 19.
I did not make the decision to proceed lightly. Here are some numbers which should explain why we are doing what we are doing. 

Pendleton Whiskey  66 out of 12000=.55% No vex no mask, no distancing
Watershed 210 out of 28000=.75% No vax, no mask, no distancing
Lollopalooza  203 out of 385000=.05 Vax or negative test, no mask, no distancing

Again, if you cannot or will not comply with these requirements, you are not welcome and will NOT be admitted. Them’s the rules. Look, we don’t want to be a repeat of these other fests, let’s show people that we CAN gather and have fun, safely.